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Caesar and Today's Barabbas

Jesus is not on the ballot this year. All we have is Rome, and Barabbas, the guy who was on death row for insurrection and murder (Luke 23:18-19). Barabbas was the guy the mob voted to set free. Barabbas was a lēstēs, not a robber, but a violent revolutionary, part of a group in Judea who would murder anyone who was not anti-Rome (see my post "Thief or Terrorist?"). It was guys like Barabbas whom Jesus probably had in mind when he told his followers to keep a sword or two around for self-defense (Luke 22:36), in order to protect themselves against the ancient equivalent of church shooters.

Barabbas and his buddies are very much center stage in our cities today. Most protesters are not violent. But some have hijacked a legitimate justice issue, and are using it to help engineer the fulfillment of Khrushchev’s prophecy “We will bury you.” Sadly, although I believe these words are true, I can no longer use the words “black lives matter,” both because those words have been hijacked by violent Marxists, and because black lives don’t seem to matter to those who use the slogan, while defunding the very police who could protect black lives from violence, or at least bring their attackers to justice.

But you may say that Barabbas is not on the ballot. Yes, but instead we have a Hindenburg, a figurehead who will give Barabbas everything he wants. Ask the famous Marxist Angela Davis, who recently said she intends to back the candidate “who can be most effectively pressured” (see reports in several places, including the Washington Times).

No matter how vile you may think the current Caesar is (who looks like a Boy Scout compared to the Caesar whom both Peter and Paul taught us to honor), the current Caesar cannot match the hatred expressed by many of his opponents. It is not Orwell’s “Two Minutes’ Hate,” it is 24/7 hate. It is Catch 22 hate, a hate that condemns no matter what the man does. So if you oppose this Caesar, but you otherwise hold conservative values, don’t be surprised if the same social justice warriors who crucify a person without trial, end up coming for you after this Caesar is gone.

Paul teaches that the role of rulers is to be a terror, not to good conduct, but to bad conduct (Romans 13:3). Who is it who has been letting violent criminals out of jail, while arresting people who are guilty of public worship and earning an honest living?

One does not have to like Caesar, to find him preferable to Barabbas and his buddies.