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The Jesus Who Endorses Biden?

If the accompanying picture looks silly, it should. Jesus does not endorse our political candidates. I prefer not to express my opinions on partisan politics. But I am troubled by what I see here.

If the picture makes you sad, again, it should. I am sad that evangelical leaders, including some whom I admire, have decided to make this endorsement. I feel like Paul writing in 2 Timothy 4:10: “For Demas, having loved this present world, has deserted me and has gone to Thessalonika.” I fear that these leaders have fallen so in love with this “woke” world that they have failed to take seriously the evils that they are embracing.

(Before I say more, if you are not a pro-life evangelical, feel free to tune out. This is not about you, this is an in-house discussion, although you are welcome to listen in.)

Both presidential candidates are unfiltered. Both have used equally filthy language. Both have been accused of adultery and sexual harassment. (Can God choose such a leader? See "God's Voting Record".) Here’s why I have a problem with the Jesus who endorses Joe Biden:

The Jesus who endorses Joe Biden (and his team) will endorse unlimited killing of innocent unborn children, and will oppose anyone in government who would try to stop it.

The Jesus who endorses Joe Biden and his team will shove same-sex marriage, men in women’s bathrooms, and men on women’s sports teams down your throat. If you oppose these, Pete Buttigieg has promised that you will be excluded from the table. (See "What Does Jesus Say About Homosexual Behavior?".)

The Jesus who endorses Joe Biden is OK with Antifa and other anarchists like ancient Barabbas, who wish to overthrow our nation and the rule of law. (See "Caesar and Today's Barabbas".)

The Jesus who endorses Joe Biden will gladly surrender us into the power of our nation’s worst enemies. (I realize, this may sound like people in ancient Judah squabbling about whether to side with Egypt or Babylon, or Roman Christians puzzling over which Caesar to support.) Prepare for China to control your speech and your behavior with their economic tentacles. (Does Jesus care about Chinese power? Ask Chinese Christians what they think.)

A number of Republicans have endorsed Biden because they say he will “bring us together.” I am reminded of the words of Mary Daly: “Christianity can ‘include’ feminism only in the sense that a cannibal includes his meal.” Similarly, Biden and his team can bring us together only if we totally surrender on all of the issues that we have passionately defended as evangelicals.

And what do we get in exchange? We get different language about immigration and the poor. But as Jesus teaches in Matthew 21:28-31, God approves not mere words (“I go, sir”), but actions. A large number of immigrants reject Biden’s approach to immigration. And a huge number of American poor were benefiting from the flood of jobs being created for them, until those jobs were sabotaged by a “science” that keeps changing its mind. We do not get better language or actions on racism. Health care involves a legitimate debate about which solutions provide the best care for the greatest number of people (see "Health Care and Biblical Malpractice"). And climate change as an issue is based on highly disputable science data. On none of these issues do Biden and his team provide better pro-life policies that are worth the Christian values that one must abandon in order to support them.

Like Peter on the night Jesus was betrayed, I believe that pro-life evangelicals who support Biden will end up profoundly disappointed if they get what they vote for. The love of the unbelieving world is not worth the cost of that vote. If you really believe that the alternatives are that bad, it would be better not to vote for either presidential candidate, and at least vote for the party that will implement the pro-life evangelical values you profess to believe in.