Book Endorsements

A summary of the book has been published in Theology Matters under the title "A Consistent Biblical Ethic" (  A TV interview with the author about the book has been posted at Fox Channel 2 in St Louis (

''It is impressive to observe how such a detailed discussion on sin lists in the entire Bible is presented in such a concise piece . . . I recommend this easy-to-read and rich-content piece to the average Christian reader, students of biblical ethics and reading groups at church sessions.'' 
--Daniel Darko, PhD, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, Gordon College, Wenham, Massachusetts

''Tom Hobson's What's on God's Sin List for Today . . . is a biblically sound and insightful approach that is convincing, convicting, and redemptive.''
--James Slone, Senior Pastor, St. Matthew United Methodist Church, Belleville, IL

''Dr. Hobson's book gives readers fresh insights into the relevance of Old Testament laws for our lives today. For those interested in Christian ethics, it will prove to be a valuable conversation partner.''
--Timothy Saleska, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Exegetical Theology, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri

"Your book was the best book I had for ethics class.  All the other books really s__ked." -- Bailie, College Student